With a dual locking system, fail-safe mechanism to mount almost any device in the most convenient position for you. Simply stick the CLIQR device adaptor onto the back of your device and position it into the mount in the orientation that suits.

Handlebar Mount

Designed specifically for 22mm handlebars, with a hinged clamp and M5 bolt for a secure hold. The CLIQR Handlebar Mount allows you to mount your device beside your controls for convenient viewing at a glance, perfect for navigating on the move.

What’s included:

1x Mount; 2x Device Adaptors; 1x Silicone Insert

Cable-Tie Mount

This is a multi-use system that can be fitted in hard-to-reach areas, as well as on multiple diameter tubes. It offers a low profile mounting system using cable ties and a 3M pad.

What’s included:

2x Cable Ties; 2x Device Adaptors; 1x Silicone Pad; 1x 3M Security Pad

Now available at an Oxford dealer, from €18.90 (VAT included).