The combination of high quality brake pads and discs is essential to ensure optimal operation of any braking system. With 70 years of experience, Galfer is a reference brand in the sector, being synonymous with high technology, reliability, and high performance.

After celebrating several titles and victories in the MotoGP and WSBK competitions, Galfer chose to launch the new Racing G1310 brake pads on his 70th anniversary. These new brake pads have been developed for high competition and also for daily use on sports bikes.

The G1310 are the result of years of development and testing carried out in collaboration with Galfer teams and riders such as Dennis Foggia (Leopard Racing, Moto3), Lorenzo Baldassarri (Evan Bros, Yamaha Supersport 600) and former rider and world champion, Marco Melandri.

Thanks to their excellent coefficient of friction and the ability to maintain high stability and consistent performance even at high temperatures, these high-performance brake pads allow for strong and progressive braking from the first to the last lap of a race. In addition, they cause minimal wear on the discs, increasing their life. The new G1310 brake pads ensure excellent braking power, offering maximum performance when used in conjunction with Galfer Floatech brake discs®.

With the launch of these brake pads on the market, Galfer has created a high-tech product that responds to the highest technical requirements of high competition. In this way, Galfer offers a high-performance alternative to the original pads that equip the current naked and sports bikes.

New packaging
Galfer's new brake pads are already available on the market with a new "Eco-Friendly" packaging. Galfer decided to completely eliminate plastic, using only biodegradable and recycled materials to manufacture its packaging.
The selling price of this new product is 125€ + VAT for a set of 2 pads and 145€ + VAT for a set of 4 pads.
Models published in the Galfer Racing 2022 catalogue will be available from June 20, 2022.