The new top case from the TERRA range TERRA, designed and manufactured in Barcelona, had already been awarded at the ABC Awards 2022, thanks to its innovative design with its slightly curved sides that minimises the visual impact of the case (for 2 helmets) on the bike. The optimisation of the dimensions and the use of 1.2 mm hardened aluminium alloys, allows the weight of the case to be reduced to its exponent, converting it to its 5.4 kg and making it the lightest 2-helmet aluminium case on the market..


The TR55 is available in the Black Edition version Black Edition and with natural aluminium finishes alumínio naturaland has all the technical characteristics that have made the SHAD aluminium cases a hit with users. Among them is the locking system (patent pending): TERRA Lock SystemIt is characterised by integrating a unique mechanism with 3 different functions: closing the case, attaching it to the bike, and attaching and removing the case by means of the existing handle, which is hidden when not in use.