The Multimoto Group is from now on Kymco's new distributor for Portugal, thus adding the prestigious Taiwanese brand to the batch of representations that place the Iberian group in an increasingly prominent position in the trade of vehicles and accessories.

KYMCO (Kwang Yang Motor Company) was founded by Guang-Su Ko on February 5, 1963 in Kaohsiung, and is now a world reference in the mobility segment.

In Europe, the brand has already acquired a considerable global dimension, representing in this market about 50% of its exports. In important markets such as Italy, France, and Spain, KYMCO is one of the reference brands, and therefore the Multimoto Group is clear to ensure the solid growth of the brand in Portugal as well.

"KYMCO is undoubtedly an important player in the mobility segment, with a wide range of products that respond perfectly to the demand of our market. We are therefore focused on developing the best commercial strategy to reposition KYMCO among the main brands of reference, where we believe it should naturally be."

Sérgio Gonçalves, Kymco's Commercial Director for Portugal.

Recently, KYMCO complemented its range with new products capable of responding to all the needs of its customers, launching new two- and three-wheel models in the case of scooters, and four-wheelers with regard to the ATV and UTV market.

The Multimoto Group will now focus its efforts on the reorganization of the KYMCO dealer network in the national territory in order to ensure the monitoring of current owners of brand vehicles and respond to the needs of new customers.