-Drawn in Barcelona.

-Side fastening system "Double Locking System".

-Produced in ultra-resistant materials with reinforced seams.

-100% Waterproof: the 2 internal bags (included), together with the external bags, guarantee the total waterproofing of the interior.

-Capacity of 32 liters and 10 kg of cargo in each of the bags.

-Compatible with SHAD 4P System anchorages.

-Includes a bottle carrier and an outdoor waterproof pouch.

SHAD keeps growing in the Adventure sector. After the success of Terra Aluminium bags, the spanish brand has just increased its range with its first adventure bags: the new TR40 sits with all those riders in mind who value the flexibility of textile solutions in their off-road adventures. Today, all this is possible thanks to the great technological advances in material and fabrics.

This set of side bags stands out for its "Double Locking System" closure system that is capable not only of attaching the bags to the 4P supports of the bike, but also of preventing access to the inside of the bags. This unique patent pending system makes the new TR40 an excellent alternative to traditional aluminium bags. The 4P side anchorages integrate into the bags through a high strength polyamide grid reinforced with fiberglass, being lightweight and resistant to adapt to the most demanding off-road rides, being able to carry up to 10Kg of load.

To ensure their extreme durability, the TR40 are made of ultra-abrasion-resistant materials (50,000 cycles according to UNE-EN ISSO 12947-2:2017). They have a reinforced base and sides with a 70% TPU and 30% Nylon material as well as "Z" seams for better resistance in critical areas. Its tissues have undergone resistance tests of more than 1500 hours of UV exposure complying with REACH and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 environmental standards.

The combination of the outer and inner bag ensures the total waterproofing of the assembly. At the same time, with the most demanding off-road tracks in mind, a drainage hole was included at the bottom of each of the outer pockets.

In order to ensure a good off-road driving experience, thanks to their reduced weight, the TR40 bags allow you to adjust your load volume conveniently thanks to their 6 DURAFLEX buckles. All straps include fasteners at their ends to avoid loose ends. All this contributes to better integration into the bike and greater driving stability.

The attachment hooks of the outer bag, which secure and lock the bags, are manufactured in aeronautical quality aluminum that stand out for their lightness and high strength. For added security, the new TR40 bags include reflective elements.

Its 8 MOLLE System attachment points (per bag) allow you to attach extra luggage accessories such as the bottle carrier or waterproof bag.

The TR40 is compatible with all bikes that have available the SHAD 4P fastening system.