Alpinestars has just launched the new Tech Air® 3, a autonomous and flexible Airbag System, designed to be worn inside or outside the jacket, the most practical and effective protection choice for those riders who commute daily by motorbike around town or venture down one dirt track or another.
The latest entry in the "Tech Air®" family, which includes the Tech-Air® 10 and Tech Air® 5, is the Tech Air® 3, an Airbag System that allows riders of all categories to enjoy a self-contained garment with all the protection that Tech-Air® provides, regardless of the bike they ride or their riding style

Developed to be used under all types of weather conditions, this Tech-Air® 3 Airbag System has a lightweight construction and a design that allows it to be folded quickly and conveniently so that it can be stored in a backpack or even under the seat of a scooter when not in use.
The Tech-Air® 3 will soon be available in both men's and women's (Stella) versions, with an ergonomic, belted design suitable for the female body.