- The MT KRE+ is a 100% sport helmet made in carbon fiber and with an FIM homologation, which allows you to participate in any international competition.

- Although it was developed for competition, this helmet is perfectly suited for road riding. The version used by the World Championship riders is the same that can be found on sale.

- The KRE+ is launched on the market with several types of graphics, namely the replica graphics of pilots such as Pedro Acosta or Sergio Garcia.


The new KRE+ is making its mark on the history of MT Helmets, and is a huge demonstration of the giant step taken by the Spanish brand.

Based in Cartagena, MT Helmets has been producing helmets for 55 years, but only in the last 5 years has it been gaining prominence at all levels. The brand has not only grown in the international market, but also internally it already has a constantly expanding team of engineers working daily on improving its products. Since 2020 they have doubled their commitment to the world of high competition, where they have relied on to develop new products.

MT Helmets is currently the only helmet brand to have its own team in the MotoGP World Championship. This is the result of a strategic agreement with MSI since 2020 that has not only delivered excellent sporting results, but was also key to the development of the new KRE+.